VIE fire-rated access panels EI30

Type-approved VIE access panels are EI 30 fire-rated and round, making them suitable for round cut-outs in block chimneys, for example.

The access panel is mounted with 40 mm M5 screw anchors and features a separate cover that makes for a clean and sleek appearance. The cover is painted in our standard colour, RAL 9010 pure white with a textured matt finish. The cover dimensions are 200 × 200 mm. The cover locks into push grooves in the frame.

Type approval certificate: EUFI29-18000867-THTOD.

Download instructions here.

TitleEANopening diam. mm
VIE1006430015480773 100
VIE1206430015481213 120
VIE1506430015480667 150
VIE1606430015480674 160