PML access panels

The easiest access panel on the market – makes installation a breeze. This as easy as it gets, because the product can be installed completely without tools. In the field, the panels have been installed in roughly 10 seconds.

The magnetic fasteners can be adapted to different sizes and shapes of cut-out: the cut-out does not need to be symmetrical, and no surrounding battens or beams are required for installation.

Fasteners for various uses and structures:

  • U13 – 13 mm U-bracket for plasterboard.
  • U16 – 16 mm U-bracket for furniture boards/panels.
  • U24, U30 – 24 and 30 mm U-brackets for thicker materials.
  • Spring fastener – Spring-tensioned 24 or 30 mm U-bracket, allows for variability in material thickness around the cut-out.
  • L-bracket – For particularly thick material, e.g. beams or concrete. The screw is located 5–6 centimetres inside the cut-out.
  • A one-millimetre plywood piece for taking up slack in U-brackets.

The magnetic PML access panels only need about four millimetres of clearance to open, which is just enough to pry the cover off the magnets, making it an ideal solution for cramped spaces like cabinets.

The slim structure and matt surface allow the panel to fade into the background.

The standard colour is RAL 9010 pure white with a textured matt finish. Other RAL chart colours are also available.

dim. mmopening max. mm / nominal dim. mmfixings / access panel
PML15156430015481558150*150~110*140/100*100 4
PML20206430015481565200*200~160*190/150*150 4
PML20306430015482111200*300~160*290/150*250 4
PML25256430015481572250*250~210*240/200*200 4
PML25356430015481893250*350~210*310/200*300 4
PML25506430015481909250*500~210*460/200*450 6
PML30306430015481589300*300~260*290/250*250 4
PML35356430015481596350*350~310*340/300*300 6
PML35456430015481916350*450~310*410/300*400 8
PML35656430015481923350*650~310*610/300*600 10
PML40406430015481602400*400~360*390/350*350 8
PML45456430015481619450*450~410*440/400*400 8
PML45656430015481930450*650~410*610/400*600 12
PML50506430015481626500*500~460*460/450*450 10
PML55556430015481633550*550~510*510/500*500 12
PML60606430015481657600*600~560*560/550*550 16
PML65656430015481664650*650~610*610/600*600 16
PML70706430015481671700*700~660*660/650*650 20