Other access panel products and accessories

Magnetic PML panel fasteners and other accessories for various uses:

  • U13 – 13 mm U-bracket for plasterboard.
  • U16 – 16 mm U-bracket for furniture boards/panels.
  • U24, U30 – 24 and 30 mm U-brackets for thicker materials.
  • Spring fastener – Spring-tensioned 24 or 30 mm U-bracket, allows for variability in material thickness around the cut-out.
  • L-bracket – For particularly thick material, e.g. beams or concrete. The screw is located 5–6 centimetres inside the cut-out.
  • A one-millimetre plywood piece for taking up slack in U-brackets (e.g. on wood panels).
  • Suspension system for ceiling-mounted magnetic PML access panels.
  • Magnetic opener for PML access panels.

Triangular keys for hinged access panels, including fire- and dB-rated panels:

  • 7 mm triangle key.
  • 10 mm triangle key.