HSL access panels

Like the PAN access panels, the Kiilax HSL fine-line seam access panels are suited for suspended ceilings where the door must be decorated with the surrounding material. This material can be wallpaper or plasterboard, for example.

HSL access panels intended for plasterboard ceilings are supplied with a frame that has the hinges and door pre-installed. The frame of the HSL access panels is made of glued and moisture-resistant MDF Exterior material.

The access panel assembly consists of the frame and the door. The access panels are installed from the outside with battens or beams set on the edges of the cut-out. The sides of the frame are fastened to the supports where necessary and then the surface is smoothed and decorated. The door should be painted separately to avoid filling the seam.

Please note that the nominal size refers to the size of the door – an extra 100 mm must be reserved for the frame. For example, the door of the HSL30 access panel is 300 × 300 mm and its frame is 400 × 400 mm.

Wall-mounted HSL-PU access panels are identical in structure, but they use push catches on the door. Special sizes of HSL access panel are available upon request.