Fire-rated access panels EI60

Kiilax’s type-approved EI 60 fire-rated access panels are made in Finland and feature our patented quick-mounting mechanism.

These durable and sophisticated access panels can be mounted horizontally. Their profile is the lowest available on the market, only rising 38 mm above the structure. The doors are hinged, extremely quick and easy to install, and include a 7 mm triangle drive lock. Like the non-rated PTL series access panels, the fire-rated type can be installed without battens or beams. The quick-mounting mechanism of the fire-rated access panels is designed for double boards with an option for nail or screw fastening through pre-made slots in the frame.

The sizing is straightforward: the nominal size of the access panel is the cut-out size. For example, EI60PTL2020 fits a 200 × 200 mm cut-out.

We offer different locks for our fire-rated access panels, such as slotted drive, 10 mm triangle drive, Abloy CL100, and Abloy CLIQ.

The colour is our standard RAL 9010 pure white powder coating with a textured matt finish.

Special RAL chart colours are available upon request.

Download instructions here.

TitleEANopening mm
EI60PTL15156430015480841 150*150
EI60PTL20206430015480858 200*200
EI60PTL20306430015480865 200*300
EI60PTL20406430015481756 200*400
EI60PTL20606430015481763 200*600
EI60PTL30206430015481305 300*200
EI60PTL30306430015480872 300*300
EI60PTL30406430015480889 300*400
EI60PTL30506430015481350 300*500
EI60PTL30606430015481312 300*600
EI60PTL40306430015481329 400*300
EI60PTL40406430015480896 400*400
EI60PTL40606430015480902 400*600
EI60PTL50506430015480919 500*500
EI60PTL50606430015480926 500*600
EI60PTL60406430015481336 600*400
EI60PTL60506430015481343 600*500
EI60PTL60606430015480933 600*600