Drip trays, aluminium

Aluminium drip trays are lightweight and easy to handle. They make for simple and affordable protection against leaks from domestic appliances. The drip tray features holes on the sides for mounting to surrounding structures. The smooth tray makes it effortless to move appliances in and out of position. Furthermore, the even surface keeps the tray from coming out with the appliance.

The Kiilax drip tray is available in a multitude of standard sizes, and they can be joined together with connector strips to cover a variety of needs. The connector strip directs leaks to only one of the connected trays, which can then guide the water in front of the base for detection.

The standard drip tray colour is RAL 9016 traffic white. We also have limited quantities of unpainted aluminium drip trays in stock.

The standard Kiilax drip trays are 540 mm long with 42 mm sides.

We also offer “US type” trays designed for larger appliances and assemblies.

TA456430015482524450 mm
TA506430015482531500 mm
TA556430015481879550 mm
TA606430015482548600 mm
TA806430015482555800 mm
TA10064300154825621000 mm
TA12064300154825791200 mm
Aluminium, height 42 mm, depth 540 mm
TA60AL6430015482135600 mm
Aluminium, height 42 mm, depth 680 mm
TA6890AL6430015482128900 mm